The Story

The Glug Jug by Gurgly

The jug that likes to glug….

Ceramic fish shaped jugs, commonly referred to as glug jugs, have been produced by different companies in various countries since they were first created by Thomas Forester & Sons in Staffordshire in 1870’s. The jugs make a fun ‘glug glug’ sound when water is poured and always cause much laughter and merriment around the table. It doesn’t matter what age you are; the glug jugs are a great talking point. 

 Gurgly (established by Jane Joyce and Rosie Granger in 2023, who previously created the brand Gluggle jug in 2009) are proud to introduce their new glug jug. It is hand-crafted, using traditional methods of manufacture. However, it has been re-developed to create a new innovative design. We have increased the size and dimensions of the jug to increase capacity and streamlined its shape to make it more attractive and contemporary. The jug has been produced using high-gloss translucent glazes, which give the jug a superior finish and extraordinary scale definition. The jugs are available in a wide range of new and contemporary colours. 

The jugs are made from durable earthenware, which ensures that they are suitable for everyday use.  Not only are they useful, but they are decorative and fun. They can be used as a water jug, carafe, vase, utensil jar or simply an attractive ornament. They make the best presents… an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, weddings, beach houses or simply to make people smile…. They are individual, unique and make memorable gifts. 

We are proud to have found a family run, highly professional and experienced company to produce the jugs. They are at the forefront of ceramic innovation and design and are passionate about the quality of their products. They maintain an inclusive and progressive approach to manufacture.  During all the stages of the production process, they show a resolute commitment to sustainability. Their employees are at the centre of everything they do, and they endeavour to create a clean and healthy working environment. The company uphold the highest of standards and are well-respected within the ceramic industry.